T and M Buildings provides well-made, robust steel structures for all kinds of milking parlours including Herringbone, Abreast, Rotary and Robot Stations. It can supply and fit all the components for your parlour project. T and M Buildings also provide the relevant concrete works including: groundworks, drainage, and slatted flooring; steel framed fabrication and erection; cubicles; gates & partitioning.

Every parlour layout is designed with the animals’ comfort and safety in mind – as well as your own.

Rotary parlour foundations and drainage

The three images below show preparatory works and concreting to create a base for a new 72 point rotary parlour in Petrokstowe. T and M Buildings carried out all the groundworks, including the drainage.

Groundworks for a Rotary Parlour
Foundations for rotary parlour
Rotary parlours' drainage

Herringbone parlours

New herringbone parlour set-up and collecting yard near Holsworthy. Herringbone parlours allow you to milk large dairy herds safely in a relatively small space. The first picture shows holes being drilled for the parlour feeders in a shuttered wall – this is a very specialist job.

Drilling holes for parlour feeders in shuttered wall
Feed bins in Herringbone parlour

Robot parlours

T and M Buildings installed a new steel structure and concrete base for a robot parlour milking stall in Hartland.

Robot milking stall bases for parlours

Robot parlours

The inside of a robot milking room near Woolsery. The panelled walls and robot base are made from pre-cast concrete.


Conversion for bespoke cattle handling

The images below show two wagons pouring concrete into a silage pit during its conversion to a cattle race near Hartland.

Conversion of a slurry pit into a parlour
Conversion of a slurry pit into a parlour

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