T and M Buildings produces pre-cast panelling for partition walls, interior, exterior and / or standalone walls. Pre-cast concrete wall panels are versatile, robust, flexible, and can be used in a variety of different applications such as slurry pits, parlours, cubicle buildings, workshops and so on.

T and M Buildings carry out site surveys, design and meticulously plan your project in-line with your specifications. Once the plan is agreed, it will undertake all works including: site clearance, groundworks, the supply and installation of the panelling, steel fabrication and erection, joint sealing, roofing / cladding, etc.

Pre-cast panels are energy efficient, durable and require little or no maintenance. They have good moisture resistance and can withstand freeze-thaw cycles.

Pre-cast panelled wall for a silage pit

The images below show both sides of a pre-cast panelled wall installation for a silage pit on a 600 cow dairy farm near Muddiford. The second image shows the floor mesh in situ ready for concrete to be poured in.

Pre-cast panelling
Pre-cast panelled wall

Pre-cast wall panelling under construction

The image shows pre-cast wall panelling under construction for a slurry pit to service a 400 cow dairy unit near Torrington.

Pre-cast wall panelling in construction

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