We supply and install cubicles for many applications including: slurry channels, heal stones, cubicle partitions, mattresses, feeders and drinking troughs.

Cubicle buildings must allow adequate room to facilitate safe access, feeding passages, crossing points, segregation and containment.

With respect to the individual cubicles, there are a number of factors that can affect the welfare of an animal, all of which must be taken into account when designing the layout of a cubicle building. A cubicle must provide sufficient space for an animal to comfortably lie down and rest without bumping into or rubbing up against partitions. It must also consider the needs of the cow when it rises from a lying position.

Installation of cubicles

The picture shows a scrape passage and cubicle set-up with mattresses on the cubicles. The installation is for a new steel framed robot and cubicle building near Woolsery.

A cubicle installation in a farm

Pens and feed barriers

The image shows the inside of a large shed. It contains pens and feed barriers within a youngstock building near Petrokstowe.

Pens, barriers and feeding cubicles

Our longest cubicle building

The cubicle structure in Huntshaw measures a staggering 500′ long x 133′ wide. It is the longest shed we have built to date. This is an excellent example of the versatility and structural strength that steel framed buildings provide.


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