T and M Buildings provides a complete groundworks solution from the initial site preparation to the drainage and concreting. We also offer concrete grooving.

Once any demolition and site enabling works have been completed, the ground preparation can commence, which involves preparation of the sub-surfaces so that construction work can begin.

The ground to be covered by the structure should be reasonably free from any materials that could damage or affect its stability. This requires the clearing of vegetation, topsoil and any pre-existing foundations. This can include roots, especially if the roots are in close proximity to the proposed structure and / or below the proposed drainage. The clearance depth will depend on the profile of the land, and if a slope exists, then the ground may have to be levelled.

Site clearance

As part of our service we offer site clearance – the picture depicts the preparation for a grain store near Hatherleigh.

Groundworks site clearance

Installing slurry channels

The picture shows the installation of slurry channels, near Hartland, in preparation for a new robot milking parlour.

Groundworks site drainage

Constructing a pre-cast panelled pit

The first picture shows the groundworks for a pre-cast panelled slurry reception pit near Colebrook, Crediton. The second picture shows the concrete about to be poured in to create the floor.

Groundworks for a pre-cast panelled tank
Pouring concrete to create the floor of a pre-cast panelled pit.

Groundworks in preparation for concreting

We carried out the groundworks in preparation for concreting, to form a feed passage for a farm in Petrockstowe.

Groundworks in preparation for concrete

Concrete Grooving

We provide concrete grooving as part of our groundworks service.

Concrete grooving

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