T and M Buildings provides systems and solutions for bespoke slurry pits, silage pits and / or covers for existing pits.

Animal waste and hay washed-off from dairies, barns and stables are stored in slurry pits. Made from concrete, these structures are built above or below ground, or partially below ground and are either square, rectangular, or circular.

Having a cover for a slurry pit reduces its environmental impact. In areas of medium to high rainfall, fitting a cover also significantly reduces the size of tank required.

Covers for slurry pits

The image is from a dairy farm near Tawstock. T and M Buildings built the steel frame apex cover for a slurry pit. The structure measured 135′ x 40′.

Slurry pit cover

Groundworks and pre-cast slurry slats for slurry pits

The images below are from a new robot milking set-up in Hartland. T and M Buildings provided the groundworks, the pre-cast slurry slats and the concrete grooving for this dairy farm. Click here to see more examples of groundworks from T and M Buildings.

Pre cast slurry slats and concrete grooving
Groundworks, slurry slats and concrete grooving

A silage pit

T and M Buildings were commissioned to erect a new double apex silage pit in Shebbear. It measures 135′ x 80′.

A silage pit

Pumping concrete into a silage pit

The image shows concrete being pumped into a silage pit for a dairy farm in Barnstaple.

Pumping concrete into a Silage pit

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